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Wealth Protection
Wealth protection is the essential part in your financial planning. A comprehensive financial plan will eventually help you to avoid unknown and hidden risk in all kinds of investments, which in turns to ensure your life quality.
Medical Protection
We are unable to avoid sickness and death as parts of the life cycle. However, costly medical fee for your unexpected illness or prolonged recovery process may consume all your savings and even burden your family.

Therefore, invest in medical protection means you and your loved one do not have to worry about the sky-high medical fee when the time has come.
Education Planning
Children are gifts from the heaven. Good education is the most precious gift that the parents could give.

From the moment that a child was born, parents have to start preparing for its education fund. As parents, we always hope to give them the best by sending them to best university to gain international exposure that is beneficial to their future. We will help you to plan wisely to minimize the impact of fluctuating currency rate and inflation.

Start planning for their future as early as you can, your decision will change their lives.
Retirement Planning
Is there any retiree around you failed to save enough money to maintain the quality of his second adulthood? Retiring does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice the enjoyment of life.

We provides retirement planning services which help you maintain the equal life standard when you have reached at the age of retirement.
Estate Planning
Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate. We hope to leave our fortune to the next generation in order to improve their life. A good estate planner could help to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate with his professional knowledge.
Right allocation of investment fund rewards you the maximum benefits in an investment. The specialist from Ideal Solution Advisory will map out an investment plan that suits your requirement and expectation.
Mortgage & Refinancing Planning
Ideal Solution Advisory extends it services by assisting our clients to finance the purchase of residential properties for the purpose of owner occupation or to refinance from an existing financier.

We have incorporated with our affiliation partner to seek for the best solution and the best package that caters to your financial needs.